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Department: Center for Health Information and Research


The Center for Health Information and Research (CHiR) is a multidisciplinary research unit that provides actionable information about health care to health community stakeholders and researchers. CHiR’s technical capabilities that can be used in health care operations and research efforts include:

  • Assessment of clinical trial subject availability
  • Community health needs assessments
  • Community reports/briefs
  • Consulting
  • Fulfillment of requests for data and data sets
  • Database development; health outcomes studies
  • Health workforce supply/demand analyses
  • Program evaluations and validations
  • Quality and performance assessments
  • Scholarly publications
  • Customized services

CHiR has been recognized as a leader in use-inspired research and social embeddedness through its community partnerships.

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Arizona Health Care Workforce Data Sets

CHiR, in partnerships with the University of Arizona and the Arizona Medical Education Consortium (for physicians) and the Arizona Healthcare and Hospital Association (for nursing and pharmacy) created longitudinal data systems to track the physician, physician assistant, nursing and pharmacy workforce in Arizona by combining survey questions with license applications. The data are used to analyze and forecast the supply and demand for these health professionals. We have also developed a model to assist in policy decisions that address workforce needs assessments and relate these to the available training programs in Arizona.

Arizona HealthQuery

Arizona HealthQuery Statewide community health data system for Arizona Contains health information for 7+ million people from 1998 to present (data not complete for all) Unique in Arizona and nationally due to its voluntary stakeholder structure Combines data from a variety of sources and payers Patients linked over time and across systems A valuable resource to the community for analyzing health care utilization, quality of care, public health policy, and community health needs Data Base Design & ContentsThe AZHQ data base consists of a set of normalized relational data tables containing patient-centric medical claims (or billing) data, as well as health plan enrollment, immunization, and vital statistics data. These data include facility claims, physician services, and pharmacy claims as well as patient and physician demographics. Detailed information about each health care encounter is available, including diagnoses, procedures, date and place of service, facility, health care providers seen, prescriptions filled, and financial information. Also available are patient information such as age, race, gender, and geographic location, as well as physician information.Data Sources: hospitals physicians health plans employers public agencies

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