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Function: Analytical/Synthesis

Department: Biodesign Center for Innovations in Medicine


The Center for Innovations in Medicine has made its Biacore protein interaction analysis equipment available for shared use.  Please click the equipment names below to see more details.

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Biacore A100

Biacore® A100 is a protein interaction analysis system for kinetic, affinity, concentration and specificity data. It is designed for applications requiring high sample throughput using small panels of proteins, but can also be used for detailed characterisation studies, enabling integration into multiple phases of project pipelines. Confident selection and optimization of lead compounds during drug discovery – label-free screening and characterization Reduce costs in biotherapeutic development – early kinetic screening of hybridomas for mAb selection Optimize safety and efficacy – define serum antibody responses in immunogenicity studies and immunotherapeutic development Perform large scale functionality studies – high quality, high information-content interaction studies in proteomics

Biacore Flexchip

The Biacore Flexchip is designed to allow users to compare and rank hundreds of interactions in real time, in terms of kinetics, affinity or specificity without the use of labels; map interaction networks and identify potential therapeutic targets; screen and select protein therapeutics; investigate the significance of variations in glycosylation on protein function; screen or profile binders against whole cell targets.

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