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Function: Analytical/Synthesis

Department: Biodesign Center for Environmental Security


The Center for Environmental Health Engineering Mass Spectrometry Facility provides MS analysis to ASU research groups requiring analysis of small molecules. Researchers are encouraged to discuss their projects and sample preparation protocols with the facility manager for optimum results. 

All analyses are by sample submission only.  At this time we are only able to analyze for compounds with methods we have developed.  These include:

Trioclosan, triclocarbon, parabens, fipronil, neonicotinoids, drugs of abuse, excreted stress biomarkers (cortisols), traditional wastewater population biomarkers, and other compounds for which we have published research. 

If you would like analysis for compounds we do not have developed methods, protein/peptide analysis, or HRMS analysis, please contact the ASU Mass Spec Core facility 

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Thumb This instrument is for sample submission only. The AB SCIEX API 4000™ LC/MS/MS system uses the TurboIonSpray® probe and the atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) probe to produce ions from liquid samples. The term LC/MS/MS, applied to the triple quadrupole series, is a generic label for the combined analytical processes of liquid separation and subsequent mass spectrometric analysis. The instrument is configured to perform complex MS/MS analysis, but it can, for less rigorous analytical requirements, perform single MS (LC/MS) scans. The API 4000 LC/MS/MS system allows all modes of MS/MS operation for full characterization of biopharmaceutical compounds and the specificity needed for new drug development. For pharmaceutical and pharmakinetic samples, MS/MS has the sensitivity and specificity required to analyze hundreds of samples per day without extensive sample preparation.


Thumb This instrument is for sample submission only. The Agilent GS-MS Triple Quad instrument is a state-of-the art gas chromatograph that provides superior performance for all applications. Key to its performance is the use of advanced electronic pneumatic control (EPC) modules and high performance GC oven temperature control.

Finnigan™ LTQ™

Thumb *** The LTQ is currently down due to a failing rough pump. We do not have an expected date when it will be running again. *** This instrument is for sample submission only. Thermo Electron Finnigan LTQ (linear trap quadrupole) is an ion-trap based mass spectrometer. The instrument offers high resolution and sensitivity in mass analysis, which includes sub ppm mass accuracy. Thanks to this high mass resolving power and accuracy, the instrument is well suited for characterizing single compounds in complex mixtures. High sensitivity helps define structural characteristics for traditionally tough applications with complex compounds. In addition to providing superior analytical power, the hardware of the instrument (particularly the ion source) supports high sample throughput. With this advanced level of efficiency, analytical bottlenecks created by high throughput synthesis and screening are relieved, benefiting the overall laboratory productivity.

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