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Function: Data Management/Analysis

Department: School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering


ASU's Center for Assured and Scalable Data Engineering (CASCADE) provides the following data management, analysis, and assurance services to ASU community and industrial partners:

  • processing big data, streaming data, IoT, and other big data issues,
  • fusing and analyzing unstructured/multimedia, semistructured, and structured  data,
  • methods for extracting information from data,
  • data mining, machine learning, and visual analytics methods for knowledge discovery,
  • data security, integrity, and privacy,
  • data acquisition support to address specific research questions, and
  • developing novel tool and architectures for reliable and timely data-drivendecision making. 
The type of services provided by CASCADE includes
  • consulting and big data expertise,
  • software development and testing,
  • summer and long-term internship programs,
  • technology showcases and white papers, and
  • training, certificate programs, and developer workshops.

CASCADE also provides access to a diverse spectrum of high-performance data computing platforms for development, evaluation, and testing.

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GEARS An Infrastructure for Energy-Efficient Big Data Research on Heterogeneous and Dynamic Data

GEARS (an enerGy-Efficient big-datA Research System) is a heterogeneous computing and storage resource based on cohesively co-designed software and hardware components. It enables a variety of important studies on heterogeneous and dynamic data and advances the scientific knowledge in data-driven disciplines. The hardware of GEARS includes a cluster of data nodes equipped with heterogeneous processors and storage devices and fine-grained power management capability. The software is developed upon widely-used big data frameworks to support unified programming across CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs, and transparent data access across a deep storage hierarchy integrating DRAM, NVM, SSD, and HDD.

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