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The Magnetic Resonance Research Center at ASU (MRRC) is the regional southwest resource for characterization and structure determination of proteins, DNA, Biomolecules, chemical compounds, and solid materials by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). This world-class facility has 800 and 500 MHz NMR spectrometers optimized for protein, biopolymer and DNA structure studies, two 400 MHz spectrometers for routine synthetic and drug design applications, and 300 and 400 MHz wide-bore systems for solid state NMR, diffusion and exotic NMR experiments. The 800 MHz instrument has dual solids/liquids capabilities, including the first Ultra-Fast Magic-Angle Spinning probe and BioMAS probe at 800 MHz. The center also has unique Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) capabilities. The 800 MHz instrument has been equipped with a 12 mm MRI probe with 300 G/cm imaging gradients. The ultra high magnetic field (18.8 T) provides large gains in sensitivity and resolution for imaging and localized spectroscopy, facilitating a level of detail not accessible with lower field instruments. The MRRC has over 20 high-performance UNIX/Linux/Windows/Mac-based graphics workstations available for instrument control and data analysis. The workstations are equipped with a wide variety of software for processing and analysis of NMR spectra, solids simulation, protein and DNA structure determination, imaging, and molecular modeling and dynamics. Furthermore, the MRRC houses a self-contained laboratory for protein expression and characterization. The center also provides a dedicated teaching facility, including a 400 MHz spectrometer, printer, server, workstations and presentation equipment. The MRRC, formerly known as the ASU Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility, is located in a 5,500 sq. ft. laboratory in the basement of the new Interdisciplinary Science and Technology building I (ISTB-I, Room L2-63). The MRRC supports collaborative research and training in NMR/MRI across disciplines, and provides a special emphasis for support of projects at the interfaces of molecular medicine, bio-engineering, bio-inspired chemistry and physics, and materials research. The MRRC is designed to expand with the growing needs for NMR/MRI research capabilities, not only within ASU, but from regional research institutions as well. Training capabilities are also expanding with the recent revitalization of resources in the teaching laboratory, located in room H-530 of the Bateman Physical Science Complex.

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Bruker 400 MHz NMR

Thumb The Bruker 400 MHz NMR is equipped with liquids, solids, and HRMAS capabilities. This instrument is capable of extended variable temperature studies with a VT range of -80C to +100C.

Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz NMR

Thumb This Bruker 600 MHz NMR is equipped with a 5 mmTriple Resonance Prodigy Cryoprobe. CPP TCI 600 H&F-C/N-D-5-Z. It is ideally suited for biological and protein structure determination. Additionally protein and bimolecular dynamics in solution can be studied with this instrument.

Bruker Avance III HD 850 MHz NMR

Thumb The Bruker 850 MHz spectrometer is equipped with a 5 mm H&F-C/N-D TCI Cryoprobe, a 1.7 mm H-C/N-D TCI Cryoprobe, and 1.3 mm Ultrafast HX MAS probe. This instrument is equipped for liquids and solids. The instrument is ideally suited for the study of complex biomolecules.

MR 400 MHz NMR (Walk-up)

Thumb The Varian MR400 is the dedicated walk-up instrument for routine solution state NMR. It is equipped with a 5 mm broadband observe probe and a Pro-Tune accessory for automatic probe tuning. The standard configuration is for 1H and C13, however the instrument is capable of all NMR active nuclei with Larmor frequencies from N15 to P31. This instrument can be equiped with a 10mm probe and an additional 5mm probe optimized for 1H detection.


Thumb The VNMRS 400 WB is a dedicated solid state NMR instrument. It is equipped with triple resonance MAS probes in sample sizes from 4mm to 2.5mm. As a result MAS speeds up to 35 kHz are possible.


Thumb The Inova 500 is a dedicated solution state NMR for small molecule structure determination and basic protein NMR studies. It is equipped with a sample changer.

VNMRS 800 24 Hours

Thumb 800 MHz Ultra-Shield Varian NMR * Organic & Inorganic Molecular Structure & Dynamics * Biomolecular and Protein Structure & Dynamics * Biopolymers and Materials * 3D Micro-imaging and Molecular Diffusion


Thumb The VNMRS 800 MHz spectrometer is capable for liquids, solids, or MRI experiments. The instrument is ideally suited for the study of complex biomolecules.

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