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SoLS maintains research/teaching collections for several animal taxa that are housed in 4000 sq ft of space in the A-wing of the Life Sciences Building on the main campus of ASU. The zoological collections present curator, Anthony Gill was hired in mid-2003. These collections include birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish, insects, mammals and shells.

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Frank Hasbrouk Entomology Collection

The Frank Hasbrouk Entomology Collection contains around 650,000 insect specimens, representing 25 orders, 389 families, 3,505 genera, 8,832 species and 1,242 subspecies. Although most specimens are from Arizona and southwestern USA, considerable representative material is also available from other North American sites, especially Mexico.

Icthyology Collection

The Ichthyology Collection is extremely valuable for its regional focus on Arizona, southwestern US and northern Mexico. The collection has been historically built around the activities of the late Dr W.L. Minckley, with continued growth through collecting activities by Drs P. Marsh, T. Dowling and A. Gill. The collection also serves as the repository for non-game fish surveys by Arizona Department of Game and Fish. It contains around 20,000 registered lots (jars with multiple specimens), and includes numerous threatened and endangered southwestern species.

Malacology Collection

The Malacological Collection consists of around 40,000 shell specimens that formerly formed the private collection of C.W. Melville. The collection consists of specimens from tropical and temperate marine, freshwater, and terrestrial (especially important collections of Liguus/ Oxystyla land snails) habitats. It includes extensive series from several tropical and subtropical areas, including topotypical specimens of some species. The collection is cataloged on paper.

Mammalogy Collection

The Mammal Collection consists of around 9,000 museum mounts of mammal skins and skulls as well as some taxidermy-mounted heads of some larger mammals. The research collection represents the second-largest mammal collection in Arizona. A teaching collection is housed separately. The specimen catalog of mammals is maintained on paper, though the first 8,000 records have been electronically databased. You can search this collection online at SEINet.

Ornithology Collection

The Bird Collection is made up of museum skins and a few taxidermy-mounted specimens. It consists of around 500 registered specimens; additional specimens await registration. A teaching collection is housed separately. The bulk of the specimens are from Arizona, with some Neotropical representation as well.

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