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Function: Analytical/Synthesis

Department: CLAS Research Technical Services


The Electron Microscopy (EM) division of the CLAS Bioimaging Facility is supervised by Associate Professor Robert Roberson and laboratory manager David Lowry. The laboratory is located in a purpose-designed suite in the sub-basement of the Life Sciences C-wing building. The entire lab area of more than 1400 square feet has a vibration-isolation floor, which is critical for EM analysis. Interior space consists of 5 rooms containing microscopes and ultramicrotomes, a preparation lab with fume hood for chemical procedures and sample processing, and a room which houses a specialized instrument designed for high-pressure freezing of samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures. In addition to the life sciences community, the lab provides services to both on-campus and off-campus researchers from various disciplines that may require EM. Please refer to our Resources below for a detailed list of microscopes and associated instruments currently available for use in the lab. The EM Facility is part of the CLAS Bioimaging Facility.

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Bal-Tec FSU freeze-substitution unit

Thumb Specialized temperature controller for downstream processing of specimens initially prepared by rapid-freezing techniques

BalTec HPM010 high-pressure freezer

Thumb Used for rapid-freezing of samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures under 2100 bar pressure

Balzers Critical Point Dryer

Thumb Specialized drying unit for biological samples that minimizes damage and collapse to sample structure that typically occurs during air-drying under ambient laboratory conditions.

Denton TSC carbon evaporator/sputter coater

Thumb Used to deposit thin layers of carbon or gold onto samples, primarily for use in electron microscopy applications

EM Lab Materials

Thumb The Electron Microscope Lab can provide all materials and supplies required for projects, using at-cost recharge rates


Thumb Transmission electron microscope


Thumb Scanning Electron Microscope

Philips CM 12 TEM

Thumb Transmission electron microscope

Technical Assistance

Thumb Technical assistance is available for projects requiring either scanning EM or transmission EM, including consultation, sample preparation, and data acquisition.

Technics Sputter Coater

Thumb Used to deposit a thin layer of conductive metal such as gold or platinum on samples destined for analysis in the scanning electron microscope.

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