Facility: W. M. Keck Foundation Laboratory for Environmental Biogeochemistry

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Function: Analytical/Synthesis

Department: Earth and Space Exploration, School of


This facility provides analytical capabilities to measure light stable isotope ratios (H, C, N, O, and eventually S) by IRMS, radiogenic (Hf, Sr, Nd, Pb) and mass-dependent isotopes (Ca, Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Rb, Sr, Zr, Mo, Cd, Hg, Pb, U) by MC-ICP-MS and elemental concentrations (row 3 and above) by Q-ICP-MS. Mass spectrometers include a Thermo Electron DeltaPlus Advantage (IRMS), a MAT 253 (IRMS), a Thermo Electron X-Series with CCT (Q-ICP-MS) and a Thermo Electron Neptune (MC-ICP-MS), . Users are trained to run their own samples and process the results with lab supervision. Some of the peripheral devices available include an Elemental Analyzer, TC/EA, Gasbench, Dual Inlet, TIC/TOC analyzer, and some accessories. There is also a trace-metal clean lab which may be available for sample preparation. Users are encouraged to get involved with method development to expand the analytical applications available here.

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Resources (20)

13C of DOC


Bulk 13C and 15N

EA-IRMS; solid samples

bulk 2H and 18O

TC/EA interfaced with MAT253 mass spectrometer

ICP-MS - Standard

Thermo X-Series Quadrupole ICP-MS

Water-2H OR 18O

by equilibration using GasBench-IRMS

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