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Function: Design/Fabrication/Repair

Department: OKED Core Facilities


Electronics Shop (Research Support Services Building 1, Room 101)

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Electronics Design
Electronics Repair

Glass Shop (George M. Bateman Physical Sciences Center - D Wing, Room 239)

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Glassware Design
Glassware Fabrication & Repair


Machine Shop (Research Support Services Building 1, Room 101)

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Design and Prototyping
Machining (incl. CNC, Wire EDM, 3d Printing)
Electron Microscope Repair
Precision TIG Welding
UHV Welding & Leak Detection
Vacuum Pump Repair & Maintenance


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Electronics Services

Services include:Laboratory Assistance: Install laboratory electronic equipment and assist with setting up research and teaching. Labs, including design and fabrication of test modules. Provide purchase recommendations for laboratory equipment, parts and supplies. Assist with lab safety issues including design and installation of door interlocks warning signs etc. Electronic equipment repair: Provide low-level repair support for analytical laboratory equipment. (Gas chromatographs, Spectrophotometers, etc.) Repair general purpose test equipment. (oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, function generators, etc.). Labview: Install and upgrade older versions of Labview in Academic labs. Install associated hardware and provide purchasing advice for A/D boards and interface modules. Design & Fabrication: We can assist faculty and graduate students with electronic design and once the design is finalized we can do the fabrication. Ensure equipment and test setups comply with safety requirements. Training: User training for operating general-purpose test equipment.

Glassblowing Services

Thumb The Glassblowing Facility at ASU provides highly specialized support for teaching and research operations. Highly trained professionals design, construct and maintain sophisticated glass apparatus and glass high vacuum systems for use by university research personnel. The skilled craftsmen are particularly adept at developing prototype glass apparatus using state of the art materials and techniques. The glass working machinery and equipment available in the facility allows seals of up to 150 mm diameter in borosilicate glass and up to 100 mm diameter quartz glass seals. Upgraded glass annealing capabilities allow annealing glassware up to 2.2 meter lengths.

Mechanical Design, Prototyping, and Fabrication Services

Thumb The machine shop provides a wide array of design, prototyping, machining, and fabrication services to all ASU units using machineable, bendable, or weldable materials. Shop staff also specialize in ultra high vacuum (UHV)system repair and fabrication, and vacuum pump rebuilds. The Shop employs both additive and subtraction manufacturing methods. 3d FDM printing of over 50 different materials. All components are built to the design specifications set forth by researchers’ designs for support of their research. Manufacturing process guest lectures and Orientation classes can be scheduled through the Shop Office.

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