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Function: Analytical/Synthesis

Department: Biodesign Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology


The FACS core facility serves to support research activities of faculty members, research scientists and students at ASU, as well as the scientific community in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The major application of FACS is to identify and isolate various populations of cells. This is based on size and granularity of the cells, and the color of fluorochromes applied to or expressed by the cells, e.g., via expression of fluorescence protein genes. The facility currently has a bench top analyzer (FACScalibur), and a high-speed cell sorter (FACSAria), both of which were obtained from Becton Dickinson Biosciences. A part-time research technician is responsible for operation and maintenance of this facility.

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BD FACS Aria Cell Sorter

This is a high-speed cell sorter. The instrument is equipped with three air-cooled lasers (488nm, 633nm and 407nm) and five fluorescent detectors, providing up to15 measurements (including 13 colors) of the cells. It offers high-speed cell sorting for isolation of rare populations of cells. In addition, the Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) allows cells sorted into multiwell plates or onto microscope slides. 1)Multicolor analysis of up to 15 parameters 2)Two- and four-way bulk sorting devices for a variety of tube sizes 3)Single cell sorting onto 6,12, 24 and 96 well plates 4) More applications can be explored.

BD FACS Calibur Cell Sorter & Analyzer

This is a single 488nm laser cell analyzer, which offers three color discrimination (520nm, 560 nm and 660 nm). The major application of this instrument: 1)Examination of cell surface/cytoplasmic markers (up to 3 colors), 2) GFP/RFP identification, 3)DNA synthesis and cell division assessment 4)Apoptosis and necrosis analysis, 5) Multi-cytokine array profiling

FACS Technical Assistance

Dr. Yung Chang (5-8672, yung.chang@asu.edu) oversees the facility, and will provide assistance to researchers in their experimental design. Tong Fu (5-2287, tfu01@mainex1.asu.edu) is in charge of training new users and performing day-to-day operation on FACSaria. TrainingAll new users are required to contact the facility coordinators prior to their usage of the facility to discuss their experiments, staining controls, materials and supplies needed for FACS-related analysis or sorting.FACScalibur is open to all users who need to receive appropriate training prior to their independent operation. The FACS core staff member is responsible for organizing training class, and providing assistance in running the experimental samples. FACSaria can only be operated by the designated operator, Tong Fu. ScheduleHours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mon to Fri. For both instruments, reservation is required at least 24 hrs prior to running the samples. For FACScalibur, appointments can be made via Yahoo calendar. To use FACSaria, appointments should be made directly with Tong Fu via email or phone.

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