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Department: ASU Advanced Computing Center


ASU Research Computing offers a portfolio of services to help support research needs. These range from computational resources to software and application development as well as workshops and training.

The recharge activities are:

  • RC Application Development services -Application Development of HPC/Big Data research programs
  • RC Specialized Fast Storage - per Gig - Collection and Compute Storage of research data - Note: Recommended for researcher to move their data to cheaper storage after their RC work is concluded
  • RC Cloud Execution - Core Hours Subsidized - Subsidized ASU use of ASU processing hardware, under 25K cap at $0 Rate
  • RC Cloud Execution - Core Hours - ASU use of ASU processing hardware, over 25K cap at the $0 Rate
  • RC Public Cloud Subsidized External Core Hours - University Subsidy of external cloud compute
  • RC Public Cloud - External - Pass Through for research using cloud compute
  • Dedicated Virtual/Physical support - Management of Physical and Virtual Servers, by OS Instance
  • Data Management and Facilities documents for grants are available on the research computing web site.

    For more information about Research Computing at ASU, contact Brandon Mikkelsen (b@asu.edu), or support@hpchelp.asu.edu

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