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FDC provides comprehensive flexible electronics capabilities that bridge the high risk, resource intensive gap between innovation and product development in an information-secure environment. Backplane electronics design, fabrication, test and integration capability are all located within the FDC Headquarters at ASU Research Park.The Center operates dedicated Pilot Line toolsets for technology development and for technology demonstrator production. The 6” wafer-scale Pilot Line tools are dedicated to R&D starts and support of the GEN II line including process development and improvement for advanced technology insertion. The GEN II 370x470 mm display-scale Pilot Line tools are dedicated to low-volume manufacturing.

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Electronic Design Automation (EDA) for IC Design, Modeling and Simulation

Professional Suite of Flexible / Large Area Microelectronics Design Tools: Circuit Simulation Design Rule Checking (DRC) Layer Verification (LVS) Layout AutoPlace and Route with <i>Standard Cell Library Development Capability </i> State-of-the-Art a-Si:H Transistor Models including VT Shift Extensive Suite of Digital and Analog Circuit Testing Equipment

Flexible and Organic Electronics Development Laboratory (FOEDL):

?Photomask Aligner (6-in., 25 substrate cassette) ?8-in. Spin Coater (Controlled Atmosphere) ?Blade Coater ?Inkjet Printers: Dimatix Piezoelectric Inkjet , Litrex (4-cartridges), HP and Cannon heat (bubble) inkjet technology ?Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE): oxide or nitride ?OLED Materials Optimization: Small Molecule, Phosphorescent, Fluorescent and Macromolecules ?Encapsulation: liquid and vacuum-based approaches ?OTFT Materials Characterization: ?Bottom and Top Contact Devices ?Transistor materials: Small Molecules, Conjugated Polymers, Hybrid Inorganic/Organic structures, Molecular nano-tube based coatings and transparent inorganic-based TFTs. ?Gate Insulators ?Organic Insulators: PMMA, PVP, photoresist, various resins ?Inorganic Insulators: SiO2, Al2O3, TiO2 ?Contacts ?Organic: PEDOT:PSS, PANI, others ?Metals: Gold, Silver, Aluminum, others

Pilot Line Tools

Pilot Line Fabrication Capabilities: 1. 6-In. (150 mm) Wafer-scale Pilot Line for Research and Development (3 micron feature size (L/S)) 2. GEN II (370 mm x 470 mm) Pilot Line for Low Volume Production (3 micron feature size (L/S)) Both Pilot Lines are linked to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Efficient Lot Management and Statistical Process Control (SPC), providing real time integrated information on: 1)Lot status 2)Quality 3)Operational capability 4)Facilitates yield enhancement 5)TroubleshootingIn-Fab Metrology Tools;Custom FDCOrbotech 709XOptekOlympus Microscopes (2)Flexus 2350 FPThermoelectron FTIRSeiko X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)Woollam EllipsometerJEOL SEMKLA Tencor 6100Veeco SP3000W InterferometerAmbios ProfilometerEldim

Reflective and Emissive Display Integration

Display Design, Flexible circuit design, Display simulation and modeling, Flexible circuit simulation and modeling, Display layout, Circuit layout, Display Tooling layout (masks, fixtures, hardware), Electro-optic design and modeling, Display packaging and assembly, High density interconnect assembly, TAB, COF, COG Assembly, Final Display Test, Display Characterization, Display Design Verification and Test Structures, Demonstrator Design and Hardware, SMT Assembly and Rework

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