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Function: Analytical/Synthesis

Department: School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy


The AIMS Center aims to develop a unified theoretical foundation for integrated intelligent systems based on the multidisciplinary research areas of its members. Headed by Dr. Aditi Chattopadhyay AIMS is one of the seven Signature Research themes of the School of Engineering.

Please Note: All DURIP equipment receive highest priority for DoD projects

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MTS Biaxial/Torsion Frame

Thumb MTS Biaxial/Torsion Frame capable of performing multiaxial static and fatigue experimentation.

Environmental Chamber

Hot/cold conditioning with humidity control

FARO Focus 3D

FARO Focus 3D

Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogation

Thumb Optic fiber grating integration system with splicer

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectometer

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectometer

Heated Fabrication Press

Thumb Equipment used for fabrication of composite plates.

High Speed Data Acquistion/Wave Generation

Thumb NI PXI chassis with high speed digitizer, multiplexer, and arbitrary waveform generator.

Isotemp Oven

Oven capable of pulling a vacuum

Isothermal Calorimeter

Isothermal calorimeter

Low Speed Diamond Saw

Thumb The equipment allows sectioning of material specimens under variable speeds (10-500 rpm) in order to reduce the cutting damage on the surface of the sample. This also includes the diamond tipped cutting saw used for cutting composite (and other) specimen.

NDE: Acoustic Emission System

Thumb 8 channel acoustic emission system

NDE: Air Coupled C-Scan

Thumb Delamination analysis

NDE: Flash Thermography Inspection

Thumb EchoTherm Flash Thermography

Non-contact Full Field Strain Measurement (DIC)

Full field strain measurement using ARAMIS



Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

Simultaneous thermal analyzer

Static/Quasistatic Mechanical Testing

Thumb Tension, compression, shear tests on electromechanical frame. The equipment's maximum loading capacity is 250 kN and it has a removable thermal chamber.

Struers LaboPol 5 Polisher

Thumb Grinding and polishing of material samples in preparation for microscopy. The equipment is able to control the force applied, fluid rate dispensed, and platen speed (50 - 500 rpm).

Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal Microscope

Thumb Microstructural analysis of material samples. The equipment consists of two laser channels (405 nm and 488 nm) and is also capable of performing optical microscopy using fluorescent, bright field, and dark field settings. The included camera and image analysis software can record images, perform image refinement, and measure microscopic features.

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