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The VNMRS 800 MHz spectrometer is capable for liquids, solids, or MRI experiments. The instrument is ideally suited for the study of complex biomolecules.

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Location: ISTB1 - Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building I , L2-63

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800 MHz Ultra-Shield Varian NMR * Organic & Inorganic Molecular Structure & Dynamics 

* Biomolecular and Protein Structure & Dynamics 

* Biopolymers and Materials 

* 3D Micro-imaging and Molecular Diffusion 

* 12 mm Doty MRI Probe for micro-imaging 

* 1H or 13C imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) 

* Flow Imaging and Velocity Encoded Imaging

 * Materials Imaging (Fuel Cell and Battery Materials) 


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Protein, structure, NMR, MRI, Materials, Cryoprobe