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The Leica SP8 White Light Laser Confocal/Lightsheet inverted microscope system is designed for confocal live and fixed cell imaging. It is equipped with a white light tunable laser as well as Argon [488] and 405nm lasers. The system has a combination of PMT and HyD GaAsP detectors as well as a DIC bightfield detector. The system allows for standard confocal imaging with or without additional resonant scanning speed or can be switched into live cell mode by adding the Tokai Hit stage top incubation chamber and/or Light Sheet module and objectives.

For More information on this resource, visit: http://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/confocal-microscopes/details/product/leica-tcs-sp8/

Resource Manager Email: | Phone: 480-727-0725

Location: LS - Life Sciences Center , C-Wing L2-74

Resource Type: Equipment

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Hours of Operation: 24 Hour Scheduling, Monday-Friday

Technical Specifications

  • DMi8 CS Bino DLS inverted fluorescent microscope
  • Super Z Galvo stage with tiling capability
  • Argon laser with 458, 476, 488, 496, and 514nm laser excitation lines
  • 405nm Laser
  • White light laser ranging 470nm - 670nm 
  • Transmitted light brightfield detector with DIC
  • Three spectral HyD GaAsP detectors
  • Two spectral PMTs
  • Tandem Scanner 8 kHz
  • Leica DLS Lightsheet with Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 V2 CMOS camera [2048x2048 pixels]
  • Tokai Hit Environmental Stage Incubation Chamber
  • HyVo2 Deconvolution Software - SVI Huygens integrated
  • LAS X Electrophysiology Trigger system and software
  • Objectives on the System [Additional objectives are also available]:
    • HCX PL APO CS 10x/0.4NA, Air, 2.2mm WD 
    • HC PL APO 20x/0.75 IMM CORR CS2, water/gly/oil, 0.67mm WD 
    • HC PL APO 40x/1.3 Oil CS2, 0.24mm WD 
    • HC PL APO 63x/1.4 Oil CS2, 0.14mm WD 
    • HC PL FLUOTAR 5x/0.15, Air [light sheet], 12mm WD
    • HC PL FLUOTAR 2.5/0.07, Air [light sheet], 9.2mm WD
  • Additional light sheet objectives:
    • L 1.6x/0.05 DLS
    • HC PL FLUOTAR 5x/0.15 IMM DLS, water/gly, 4.95mm WD
    • HC APO L10x/0.3 W DLS, Water, 3.6mm WD
    • HC FLUOTAR L25x/0.95 W DLS, Water, 2.5mm WD


This Leica SP8 system has multiple applications including:

  • Light Sheet
  • FRET
  • FRAP
  • Live Cell Imaging with adaptive focus control
  • Image tiling
  • Lambda scanning
  • Resonant scanner mode capable of 28fps at 512 x 512
  • Image processing and analysis
  • Electrophysiology trigger
  • SVI Huygens Deconvolution and 3D rendering
  • Photon counting and gating


Analytical and Testing - Bio-Molecular/Cellular Analytical and Testing - Imaging and Microscopy Sciences - Life and Environmental

Online References (Links):

Leica Microsystems (http://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/confocal-microscopes/details/product/leica-tcs-sp8-dls/)


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