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The In-Vivo FX offers quantitative imaging of luminescent, radioisotopic and fluorescent labeled biomolecules in combination with radiographic imaging, providing a versatile in vivo imaging system for small animals. It also has the ability to select and apply longer excitation wavelengths (green to near-IR) which improves the penetration of light into tissue enabling whole body, optical in vivo molecular imaging. Users must complete training and have current radiation safety certification.

For More information on this resource, visit: http://mailart.nature.com/display/kodak/kodak.pdf

Resource Manager Email: | Phone: 480-727-0725

Location: LS - Life Sciences Center , L2-08b

Resource Type: Equipment

Hours of Operation: 24 Hour Scheduling, Monday-Friday


Analytical and Testing - Bio-Molecular/Cellular Analytical and Testing - Imaging and Microscopy Sciences - Life and Environmental

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